Rebranding, Packaging

Risking the brand for much greater rewards

Governor’s Reserve Rum was Cayman Spirits Company’s biggest seller. But they wanted it to do even better. To improve sales, they risked the brand equity – and entrusted Cyr with a complete rebrand and label redesign.

The Approach

Find and Celebrate the Core Brand

We began with the essence of the brand. Proper yet energetic like the Cayman culture, our brand mantle would show a lively, luxuriously detailed portrayal of their colonial island style. Then to improve shelf visibility and consumer perception, the labels were richly hand-etched and printed by an artisan offset printer, showcasing a vibrant range of high-contrast designs.

The Result

Strategic Design Drives 18% Increase

Unaided by advertising, the rebrand surpassed its goals within months of relaunch. Sales of Governor’s Reserve increased 18% for the year post-deployment, attributed to new and reengaged customers.