Rebranding, Packaging

Designed to be worth more

Hilton Head Distillery had a premium, award-winning espresso rum they wanted to distribute nationally. To do so, we first gave it a full rebrand to help the package speak to a premium market.

The Approach

Starting from scratch

With the advent of the product’s recent accolades and premium quality, we needed a brand and package to match – but still remained tight to the budget. Their old-world process would be conveyed through lavish design treatments and romanticized back label love story. Baroque detailing and classic offset printing features – copper foils, matte gold inks, embossing – layer the custom illustration elements for a timeless feel. American-manufactured burlap collars were crafted to fit snugly over the neck.

The Result

Strategic Design Improves Margin

Our creative now accurately conveys the true product value. For an increase in packaging cost of approximately $0.35 per bottle, our new packaging enabled a markup increase of $4 per bottle at matching turnover rate.



I received a few bottles of MP this week – AMAZING! You killed this package and everyone who has seen it agrees.

Joe Fenten, President and Director of Operations, Hilton Head Distillery