Branding, Illustration, and Storytelling

Engaging through story and psychology

We discovered the captivating legend of Jacquotte Delahaye and couldn’t resist it. To tell the story of this pioneering freebooter on a stock bottle, we pulled out all the stops. And that included using some mental trickery.

The Approach

Designed to trigger instincts

To ensure consumers engage with this brand story, we used psychology. Her face was hand-illustrated with the power to draw glances – in tests, consumers instinctively looked our heroine in the eyes, and retained a gaze along multiple shelf angles. This is possible due to a proprietary facial arc arrived at after over 80 on-bottle shelf tests.

The Inner Workings

Creating Deeper Engagement

Behind her Mona Lisa-esque expression of subtle confidence is a deep, carefully crafted backstory. Written as 17th century news and regal proclamations, her story unfolds across 3 bottles with digitally printed labels. This results in increased time-in-hand, deepening purchase intent.

Our work also fuels future marketing efforts – a deep bench of content can be pulled from for storytelling across social media, advertising, and PR. Her visage was designed with merchandise opportunities in mind, including wearables, jewelry accessories, costume dredlocks, and an upcoming boardgame.