Tinc Branding & Packaging

A mark of optimism

A great mark for an up and coming Massachusetts cannabis brand

My client’s long term goal is to elevate the cannabis market, and introduce self-control and sophistication to this up-and-coming product category. His product offers dosing precision not possible with mainstream cannabis products, allowing customers to start slowly and find the amount that is right for them.

While current products focus on getting high, TINC is about a perfectly balanced experience. To use a spirits analogy, TINC is like a well crafted cocktail versus throwing back shots. We began by studying the global market of comparative products, and then developed concepts that showcased a level of maturity, control, and fun simultaneously.

We wanted to express a celebratory feeling for this brand, like a veil is being lifted off the industry. We developed a contemporary take on post-prohibition art deco, to give an uplifting feeling with architectural structure.

Linear fountain & waterfall elements add a joyous loftiness to a strong, chiseled logo type.

The emerald drop in the centerpiece conveys the product usage (a bitters-like tincture) and can be used in a wide variety of ways as a graphic element.

There’s much more to come on this brand, provided Massachusetts regulations proceed in the expected direction.